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Unifying Three Entities to Strengthen the Brand

Wilmington Health

Brand Unification Campaign


Wilmington Health wanted to create a stronger brand image within the greater Wilmington, North Carolina, area. The organization was founded in 1971 and had over the course of its history acquired two additional medical practices: Carolina OB/GYN and The Children’s Clinic. These acquisitions and continued growth in providers and patients made the organization the largest in the community.

Through a consumer market research study, it was discovered that no one within the community recognized the entire continuum of services offered by Wilmington Health because all three entities retained their individual identities and marketed themselves separately. This was hindering the organization from creating even greater value for the patient and shareholders via improved growth and reduced cost.

Primary Goal

Reorganize the organization’s marketing efforts to communicate the complete value provided to the patient in terms of continuum of care, efficiency, effectiveness, and connection to the community.

Marketing Solution

Jones and Thomas first recommended that the three entities be consolidated under a single brand name, Wilmington Health. Once approval for the consolidated name was achieved, we created a new brand identity and tagline for the organization. These elements were introduced to Wilmington Health staff at a launch party.

Following the internal launch, external communications were prepared to inform the community of the new unified brand name. This included a television spot, print ads, outdoor ads, online efforts, and a major public relations push. The entire campaign focused on the idea of unification through a new tagline, We Are Wilmington Health! In addition, the advertisements focused on the benefits that Wilmington Health is able to provide because of its size and scope.