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Jones and Thomas Develops Brand Expansion Campaign for Wilmington Health

Wilmington Health

Brand Advertising Campaign


Following the successful unification campaign for Wilmington Health, it was apparent that the organization needed to connect more directly with the patients they serve. To this point all marketing activities had communicated Wilmington Health's perspective. Now it was time to give the patients a voice in their healthcare experience.

Primary Goal

Develop a strong multimedia campaign that reflects the abilities of Wilmington Health, while making a stronger connection to current and potential patients.

Marketing Solution

Jones and Thomas developed a series of television, print, outdoor, and online marketing pieces that effectively communicated the patient's thoughts, concerns, feelings, and needs. The campaign focused on closely knit groups of patients that each turn to Wilmington Health for their individual healthcare needs.

The program included a sophisticated media strategy that incorporated both regular scheduled programming and "ownership" of major television events.