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Jones and Thomas Brings Memorial Hospital a New Brand Identity

Memorial Hospital in Belleville

Brand Identity


The Memorial Hospital visual identity, epitomized by their logo, gave the organization an outdated look and feel. But a high level of equity had been established in the current identity.

Primary Goal

Update and modernize the entire identity of the Memorial brand, without losing the equity that already existed.

Marketing Solution

Jones and Thomas developed a variety of alternative logos, all of which maintained the dominant block letter "M" on which the equity was based. After a series of internal discussions among all stakeholders, the more modern logo that reflected the history and roots of the organization was finalized. A positioning line was also developed that succinctly and forcefully communicated the mission of the hospital.

As an extension of the visual identity for the entire organization, individual identities were developed for specific departments. These identities co-exist with the hospital's logo to create a unified and modernized brand image.