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Integrated Campaign Brings Increased Market Share to LTC Management

LTC Management

Advertising Campaign


LTC Management is the holding company for two mutuals that provide insurance products to its members in the long-term care industry. NHRMA Mutual, a well-established company, provides workers’ compensation; Midwest Providers Insurance Company (MPIC), a newer organization, offers liability insurance. LTC Management partnered with Jones and Thomas to help them compete with large international companies such as AIG and Cincinnati Insurance.

Primary Goal

Increase market share in the Midwest region in which NHRMA and MPIC operate, and position the companies to expand beyond their current footprint.

Marketing Solution

We began with a series of focus groups among nursing home owners and administrators. These focus groups told us that NHRMA and MPIC offered three distinct advantages that are extremely salient to long-term care facilities: defending homes against questionable claims, basing premiums on the claim history of each individual home, and providing risk management resources. These advantages all contribute to the homes’ ultimate goal—lower workers’ comp and liability insurance costs.

Based on these focus groups, we developed an integrated campaign with a strong theme—How Low Can You Go—that reinforced this ultimate goal. Included in this campaign were: