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Jones and Thomas Builds Expertise into the Christie Clinic Brand

Christie Clinic

Brand Evolution


Since 2003, the Christie Clinic message had positioned the clinic as the market’s most caring, compassionate provider. Patient count had increased steadily and significantly, but research showed the need to include broader themes of technology and capabilities, while implementing a wider range of marketing mediums and strategies. Utilizing the ideal of “Medicine for Your Life” as the backdrop, the new campaign aimed to increase patient recruitment and position Christie Clinic as major player in the healthcare marketplace with both current and potential patients.

Primary Goal

Develop a new campaign to further build the Christie Clinic brand through the use of television, outdoor, print, interactive, and radio with an anticipated life span of 3-5 years.

Marketing Solution

After developing the campaign theme of “I didn’t know, but Christie did,” Jones and Thomas took the viewers through several patient stories, engaging them in the history of the patient and how Christie Clinic helped solve their medical issues. Taking advantage of green-screen videography techniques, we were able to provide Christie Clinic with a television campaign that successfully integrated the ideas of high-tech and personal touch. We then carried this look and feel into outdoor, print, and interactive, and we created radio spots to complement the visual aspects of the campaign.